Tuesday, July 18, 2006
A year or so ago, I wrote the following article for our company newsletter. I'm going to post it here as a reminder for myself and as a way to keep track of it.

How about this as a new word, perhaps even a word which could help define what we need to always be all about here at Classic Metal Roofing Systems– “Carework”. No, I didn’t say “casework” and, no, I didn’t say “teamwork” either. I said “Carework.”

To me, “care” is what it all comes down to. Caring about our families. Caring about each other. Caring about our customers. Caring about our suppliers. Caring about everyone we encounter along life’s journey. That is ultimately what the Classic Touch comes down to.

“Caring” doesn’t come easily nor do I believe it comes naturally to the human condition into which we are born. That is where the “work” part of “Carework” comes in. Even though caring may not be easy, it sure makes life a lot more enjoyable and creates lasting, affirming relationships of inter-dependence and mutual respect. Admittedly, though, it’s probably a whole lot easier in this world to be self-centered and not care about others than it is to care about others.

But where do lives lacking in care lead? We all have heard the adage that money can’t buy happiness. What seems to follow that old adage is that positive relationships with those around us are what bring happiness. You can’t have those relationships without caring.

When I think of a self-focused individual who has never allowed themselves to care for someone else, I think of a self-absorbed hermit who eventually ends up living and dying alone without any contact with others. They simply never allow themselves the privilege of forming good relationships with others.

As someone who is naturally a pretty big-time introvert, though, I could end up that way if I do not put a little “Carework” into play in my life. Fact is, I do need time alone. As a good friend of mine once told me, it is through time spent alone that someone like me gets recharged. And, fact is, I have to work at going out of my way to make contact with others. But, when I use a warm and sincerely caring heart to contact others, I find myself richly rewarded with friendships, relationships, and even just “mere acquaintances” that I would not trade for anything.

Think about frustrations you have. We all have them. How can you put “Carework” into play to make things better? Are you struggling with a relationship with someone either in or outside of work? Why not come alongside them and simply say “Hey, let’s talk a bit. I care about you and about our relationship and it occurs to me that we both maybe have some things to clarify in our relationship so it can go forward in a healthy manner.” Very few people will turn you down when they are approached with that sort of caring attitude.

One question that occurs to me though and has perhaps occurred to you is this – is it possible to “care” about someone without actually “liking” them? Can you show fraternal “love” to someone without actually “liking” them? I believe that, yes, we can. In fact, I think that we all have a part of our heart and brain which allows us to sincerely care for and, yes, love others even though they may not be someone we’d want to spend every waking minute with. For healthy relationships throughout our lives, we must do that. I have known so many people who hold grudges against others, not realizing that it is only themselves who they are hurting. If I am holding a grudge against someone or refusing to show basic human kindness and caring to someone, then I am the one that is forced to live with that baggage. The person I don’t like can go on happily. What sense does that make?

For me, yes, it is my faith in God and desire to follow His commands that drives me to care about others (whether I “like” them or not) and to extend myself outside my comfort zone to show that care. I think that the ability to care is something we are all born with. It is when we put it into practice that our lives become so enriched.

One thing I know is this. When I open myself up to truly caring for others, and to showing that care for them, I am happiest. When I become self-absorbed and refuse to show a caring attitude to all those around me, I become unhappy and unfulfilled and I find myself carrying around the constant weight of heavy baggage.

So, think about it … how can we put “Carework” into play here at our jobs or in our personal lives? How much will we and those around us benefit from it? What does it take to come alongside others (even those we may not “like”), see things from their perspective, and always reach out to them with a sincerely warm and caring heart and attitude? Yes, it takes “work” to do that but ultimately it’s better than the alternative … isn’t it?

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