Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Well, like I posted earlier, today was "guy day" for Evan and me. Whereas in years past that perhaps would have meant we'd be out chopping firewood or shooting squirrels, today apparently that means you go to WalMart. Evan wasn't real happy about it. He would have preferred to stay home and play Guitar Hero with me. Oh heck, who am I kidding? I would have preferred to stay home and play Guitar Hero, too, but there were things to be purchased at WalMart. It seems odd that, with all of the Christmas left-overs in our refrigerator, we needed to go grocery shopping but that seemed to be the case. I needed additional ingredients for the left over turkey casserole I am making for dinner tonight. Seriously.

I don't shop very often without Lisa and, today at WalMart, I found myself putting things back on shelves and that sort of annoyed Evan. At one point, amidst all the frenzy of dropping prices, I had decided that we needed new ice scrapers for our cars. Today was our first snow, you know. Well, by the time we'd gotten over to the grocery section, better sense had taken over me and I decided we had to go back and put the ice scrapers back in their little bin below the yellow smiley face. Our old ice scrapers will be fine this year.

There was something else I bought in the grocery and then found something else cheaper so we had to put the first one back. I forget what it was. I could go back and review my receipt to remember what it was but you don't really care anyway now, do you?

And then I looked at new electric razors. My current one is kind of old and not as bright and shiny as new ones though I guess it works okay. I picked up a new one, almost put it in my cart, and then placed it back on the shelf, deciding that I only shave about half my face these days anyway.

But the Jonny Lang CD that made its way into my cart stayed there. Looking forward to that.

Switching gears a bit. is anyone else bothered by overly nosy bank tellers or WalMart clerks? Like the bank teller who, when you make a large withdrawal of cash, loudly asks "Are you going on vacation?" To which I reply, also loudly, "Well, yes, we are. We will be gone for two weeks. Please come over and help yourself to anything in the house while we're gone!"

Today's WalMart clerk was one of those who has to comment on everything. "Oh, that's cute!" "Are those any good?" "Can I just keep this for myself?" and "Oh, I tried that once and it was just nasty!" Those were some of the comments I heard today. Of course, talkative clerks also tend to be slow clerks. But it was all good. I now know whose line to avoid in the future.

One of the most interesting things from today's trip, though, was something I noticed when I was waiting in line and trying to not listen to the clerk. Amidst tabloid headlines about Kirstie Alley's recent weight gain (again) and Jennifer Anniston now being distraught over her divorce, there was another headline which really caught my eye. "Bigfoot loses 150 pounds. Now you can benefit from his diet!" It included before and after pictures of Bigfoot and I must say he is quite buff at 650 pounds instead of 800. Apparently, this article was a follow-up to an article on capturing Bigfoot. If he's lost about 20% of his weight, though, I must question whether captivity is good for him. And I am curious about that diet. I picked up the tabloid to buy it ... but put it back. There are too many left-overs in our house right now for dieting.

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At 4:20 PM, Blogger Lisa M said...

Sounds like fun! Sorry I missed it!


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