Friday, August 18, 2006
Lisa's gone for the weekend. Off visiting with three close friends of hers. They all used to work together and developed a close friendship which still exists today. I am really happy for her that she has close friends she can get away with. They're probably sitting by a campfire beating on drums and thumping their chests. Oh ... wait ... sorry. They're probably watching chick flicks, eating cheesecake, doing each others' nails and putting cornrows in their hair ... or something like that. In any event, I hope they're having fun!

But I MISS her. It's only been a few hours and I really really miss her. I keep looking for her to tell her something or do something together or sneak a hug and a peck but she's not here.

Over the years, especially in the early years of our marriage, I had to travel a lot for my job. I feel badly about that. I was probably gone about 40% of the time. Not a nice thing to do to a new bride. (Of course, it was ME she was married to so maybe she really enjoyed the times I was gone!) I really missed her but I was very busy on those trips, driving late into the night each day and spending the next day from breakfast through dinner tracking down customers. There have only been a few times in our married life when I have been home without her. It's different than being on the road alone. This is one of those times though and it's not fun. Did I mention that I MISS her?

Evan and I played some games this evening and dug up half of our front yard in search of buried treasure. (In a moment of desperation, I got my metal detector out and used it in the yard.) Had Lisa been here, she would have been the voice of reason to stop the digging but, you get a couple of guys together with digging tools and look out. It's Boston all over again!

I'm also having problems finding things in the kitchen. Basic things. The stove, microwave, spatula, toaster, pooper scooper, fire extinguisher. I found the refrigerator. It's that big box that started making a lot of noise because I don't know to kick it like she does. I really need her. Did I mention that I MISS her?

I am not sure what Evan and I will do the next couple of days. We may do some more digging. And Evan wants to have a friend over. That will likely involve video games. I can go out front and dig while they do that. I may take Evan and head down to Panera for lunch or dinner. It won't be the same without Lisa though a visit to ColdStone Creamery afterward will make me feel a bitter. Did I mention that I MISS her?

I wonder if this is at all close to how God feels when we stray from Him? Does He feel like He's lost a friend, just like I feel that I am missing mine? "...and as a bridegroom is happy in his bride, so your God is happy with you." (Isaiah 62:5 MSG) I hope I can keep from putting Him through this pain that I am going through. I know it's only for a couple of days though.

... I also hope I can find the coffee maker in the morning ... hmmmm ... and the coffee ... and the coffee scoop. Oh, and I'd better look for the fire extinguisher some more.

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