Wednesday, August 23, 2006
We recently stumbled across the "MySpace" profile of a young man who we knew a couple of years ago when he was maybe 11 - 13. He's 16 now. Back when we knew him, he babysat Evan for us off and on. Evan really liked him and thought it was cool and a lot of fun to have a babysitter who was a boy. His family moved out of state awhile back though and we've not had any contact since.

Our curiosity grabbed us so we were looking some at his MySpace profile. I think that Lisa and I immediately had the same thought -- this nice young boy who we entrusted to babysit our young 'un has certainly changed since moving away. And then I said something like "I just think that's the way kids are today."

Wow ... that hit me like a 2 x 4.

I got to thinking ... the things on his site realistically aren't much different than the things that I and my peers were thinking about when we were that age. Having fun, the opposite sex, cars, the opposite sex, music, the opposite sex, school, the opposite sex, the drinking age, the opposite sex, sports, etc. And did I mention the opposite sex? (Those last couple of sentences may really bring some interest to my blog on the search engines!)

We sent an email to our old babysitter, just thinking we could find out how he and his family are doing. We never heard back from him. In considering all of this, I have had to face a fact. I am not quite sure when, where, or how but I have become part of the "older generation." I suppose that this nagging pain in my right knee should have given it all away but, just as my parents don't want to admit to "senior" status, I am having a problem with "older generation" status. Can you imagine if, the next time Lisa and I go out to eat, the waitress asks us if we want to take advantage of their new "older generation" discount!?!

I sort of came into leadership and management positions at a young age -- in my early to mid 20s I guess. I realize it's been a long time since I have been thought of as a "kid" but to be part of the "older generation"! Not sure I like that! But, fact is, in virtually every association or organization I am involved with, we are now working on how we raise up the next generation of leaders.

All in all, that's a positive and good thing. It happens quickly though. In your early 30s, some people can maybe still skate by as being sort of "hip and with it" but, when you hit 35, I think that others' view of you changes dramatically and when you're my age and it all begins to really sink in with you, too ... well, it can be a bit overwhelming.

I have learned a new word though! On our friend's MySpace profile, I saw the word "crunk". I thought it had to be a typo. Apparently, though, it is a combination of "crazy" and "drunk" even though it doesn't seem to mean literally "crazy" nor literally "drunk" necessarily. Apparently, what it means is "crunk". Whatever that is. I will try to work it into a conversation today. That way people will know how hip I really am. "Older generation" indeed! (Now, what did I do with that nice ace wrap for my knee?)

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