Sunday, March 11, 2007
Are business owners allowed to get up on soapboxes? I gotta tell ya, this was one of the strangest weeks I have ever run into as a business owner. There had to have been a full moon and a full pot of possum stew. Some of the weirdest things happened amongst our team members. And, ya know what, it all just boils down to one thing -- cattiness. And I do not mean that in a sexist way because there were more men than women involved in all the baloney that was going on. But the entire week was just full of crazy examples of what happens to a team when the players don't check their egos at the door. My business partner and I had a week that was much more akin to running a daycare than a professional business. And I am a bit tired of it.

I am not going to give any examples because as soon as I do so here in my blog, they will make their way through the grapevine and cause countless more problems. But, for Pete's Sake (whoever Pete is), let me say a couple of things ...

If you work for someone, leave your "self" at the door and concentrate on teamwork and team success. Not individual one-upmanship. You want a place to work? You better be committed to the team and the company.

Today's business environment gets harsher all the time. The top leadership at your business has plenty to worry about without team members causing problems. UNDERSTAND THIS -- we are working hard so that you can have a job and feed your family. You'd not only better be putting your ALL into that today as well but you darned well better not be causing stupid problems that take my mind off of doing my job properly. I work 80-90 hours a week for rather mundane wages. Here's a message -- I do it for YOU folks, not for myself. Everything that most business owners have personally is constantly "on the line" with the bank. We are betting on, and at the mercy of, your hard work and superior performance!

When you're at work, YES, give it your all. That is what you are paid to do. If you don't and you suddenly wake up without a job or without a company to work for, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

When co-workers are not performing to the best of their ability, don't throw up walls between yourselves. Come alongside them, encourage them, support them. In the process, you may just discover that you don't know as much as you think you do!

Okay, I will fall down off my soapbox now. I am praying for a better week.

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At 8:09 PM, Blogger Todd M said...

There are many good team members out there. Finding them can be the tough thing. However, when it comes to work ethic, people generally seem to either have it or they don't. I will say this, though, business owners catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. People perform best for those they like, trust, admire and respect.

If you're someone in the workplace though who seems to always be caught up in the "drama" of co-workers, please take a hard look at yourself. Chances are that you think you're part of the solution but really you're part of the problem.

Generally, team members are either finger-pointers and of a critical nature or they are encouraging and pro-active in making things happen. They either always look back and try to place blame or they drive forward. They are either caught up in titles and heirarchy or they are more supportive of a flat organizational structure that encourages everyone to pitch in. They either have a "let's git r done" attitude or a "that's not my job, you should be doing better" attitude.

Again, I apologize for the rant. There are bad business owners out there just as there are bad team members. However, if you are fortunate enough to work for a good business owner, you'd better be doing your rootin tootinest to work your hardest and build a positive atmosphere of teamwork striving toward common goals and success. Your business owners are working hard for you -- believe me, I have lived it for many years.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger HeyJules said...

Hey Todd, I feel your pain. I never owned my own business but I worked in management and I know what it's like to watch one or two people carry all the weight for the entire staff. It's so sad how our work ethic has slid right down the toilet especially with the last couple of generations. It gets harder and harder to find people who care - who do it for the right reasons (serving and honoring God with their hard work) and NOT so they can buy another dozen CD's. In any case, feel free to rant - if you can't let it out on your blog, where can you? And maybe someone (like myself) might see what you wrote and ask God if she is doing everything she can to be a good worker.

And with that I should probably stop blog-reading and get back to work! ;-)

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Todd M said...

Jules -- heehee!


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