Monday, February 18, 2008
Some folks do this after they reach 100 posts. I am up over 1100 now so I figure it's okay to do it.

1) I once had to poop in the woods.
2) A few hours after I was born, I quit breathing, turned blue, and had to be put in an incubator. The doctor said I was lazy. I prefer to think it was because I read a lot of Sartre in the womb.
3) My mom thinks I was a twin and she miscarried the other one of me.
4) My favorite food growing up was steak. I liked to bury pieces of steak inside my mashed potatoes. I am still looking for treasure I guess.
5) I was runner up in the school spelling bee in sixth grade.
6) I won the school spelling bee in seventh grade but went out in the city bee on the word "balloon".
7) I refused to be in the spelling bee in eighth grade.
8) I host a television show on local public access cable.
9) The first car I owned was a Plymouth Laser. It was a horrible brown color.
10) When I was in elementary, the teacher sent us out to collect leaves and then glue them on paper and make drawings out of them. Three days later I discovered that the beautiful red leaf I had picked was poison ivy. And apparently I did not wash my hands before urinating.
11) My favorite television show when I was young was Gilligan's Island. The black and white ones.
12) Two of my favorite songs when I was young were Band on the Run and Seasons in the Sun.
13) Favorite books when I was younger were the Robert Heinlein juveniles, autobiographies of inventors, and the Hardy Boys books.
14) I played first trumpet all four years of high school. That's sort of like being a varsity starter all four years. Sort of.
15) I have a lot of odd memories of listening to scary programs on Christian radio when I was growing up.
16) My first business trip was when I was 20. I had car problems along the way. I also ran over something really big on the highway. I still don't know what it was. I do not think that white rhinos are native to Pennsylvania though.
17) I had only really dated one other girl before meeting the love of my life.
18) Before that, I did have a really popular girl kiss me on top of my head in school. I swooned. She was taller than me.
19) Another girl in high school said that I was so homely I was almost cute. I had braces and really big glasses in high school.
20) Right now I am thinking I cannot come up with 100 things about me.
21) I held something like five part time jobs in college. At the same time. An English tutor. A newspaper proofreader. A features writer. An advertising consultant. And whatever my dad had for me to do at his place.
22) I played intramural basketball in sixth grade. I was really bad. We played shirts against skins. It was pretty much humiliating. And my last experience with team sports. Unless you count bowling. That was a bad experience too.
23) I threw up in the hallway in school in second grade.
24) When my family changed towns, the first friend I made also had the name of Todd. He was my best friend for several years.
25) I graduated high school in a class of about 300. I think about 20 kids from my class have died since then. Seems like a huge number to me.
26) I am concerned that my list has turned incredibly depressing.
27) I have had four dogs in my life. All have been good dogs. The first one could be kind of mean but I always thought my dad made her that way. He did not have a lot of patience with noisy dogs.
28) Lisa and I used to have a fish aquarium. It was fun to watch but a real pain to keep clean. We had some angel fish that lived to be pretty old.
29) I used to own a Cockatiel named Broadway. It didn't live very long.
30) One of my co-workers is a friend I have had for over 30 years.
31) I didn't go on the class camping trip in sixth grade. I didn't want to stay away from home.
32) The second car I ever owned was a Dodge Daytona. It was a cool Black Cherry color.
33) I always hated coloring when I was a kid. What a waste of time!
34) I liked my Spirograph though.
35) I discovered that Lysol is a good solvent and cleaner.
36) My mom used to use a lot of Lysol.
37) I hated school until I got to college.
38) I loved college.
39) I took three classes in calculus. I always got good grades but never had a clue what it was all about.
40) I took piano lessons when I was young for a year or so. I begged my parents to let me quit. They gave in.
41) My college degree was in Communications.
42) I started college intending to be Pre-Med.
43) I discovered in college that if you made friends with the profs, you'd get good grades.
44) I only remember cheating on a test one time in school.
45) I got to sit at a table next to the hottest girl in the class for a few weeks in eighth grade. I swooned. She had a boyfriend who was already out of school at the time. She was way out of my league.
46) I have a real problem with finishing things. I get bored and then just sort of go on to something else. I prefer to leave details to others. Kind of a big picture guy.
47) I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I complain more than I should but I refuse to let them get me down.
48) I like to make people laugh.
49) I laugh when I am nervous.
50) I recently gave up watching Boston Legal. It had gotten too raunchy.
51) I refuse to live with regrets but, when really pressed, I will confess that I wish I would have gone to law school.
52) I really would love to do nothing but write someday.
53) I have something weird about books. I could never throw a book away.
54) I have a camphor bottle that belonged to my grandmother and is probably pushing 40 years old. It still has camphor in it.
55) I buy keychains in different cities and give them to Evan.
56) I am pretty sure I have been in every state. Some more than others.
57) I think I have been in twelve other countries. Australia. England. Germany. Austria. Israel. Canada. Mexico. Denmark (I think). Italy. Jamaica. Cayman Islands. Bahamas.
58) I have eaten octopus.
59) I have eaten alligator.
60) I have eaten pizza with a fried egg on it.
61) My mother-on-law, now passed away, was one of my favorite people in the world.
62) I typically send well over 100 emails each and every day.
63) I buy shoes through and often return them because I don't like them.
64) I really can't swim.
65) I spend a lot of time in or on the water anyway during the summer.
66) I think that doing things like tracking frequent flyer miles is sort of silly.
67) One of my college profs was married to my kindergarten teacher.
68) I lived through the great blizzard of '78.
69) I remember when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
70) Our only television was black and white until I was probably 6 or 7. And then we got a color one.
71) When I was in college, a tornado hit our neighborhood and destroyed several houses. Ours was pretty untouched but I spent the night helping others evacuate. It was quite the experience being right on the scene of a major disaster.
72) Two of my closest friends moved away our sophomore year of high school.
73) After that, most of my friends were older than me. I didn't have a lot of friends there my senior year.
74) I took trumpet lessons from a guy who played with a lot of the famous big bands of the 40s and 50s.
75) I am terrible at proofing my own writing.
76) The first presidential election I ever voted in was Reagan's first term.
77) I saw Ronald Reagan speak at a rally once.
78) I shook hands with Jimmy Carter on an airplane once.
79) I saw BB King in an airport once. I could have talked to him but he looked very tired.
80) Johnny Tremaine was another favorite book when I was younger.
81) I interviewed both Hugh Downs and Phyllis Diller at press conferences.
82) I traded notes with Phyllis Diller once on an airplane.
83) I was on an airplane with Richard Simmons once. He was a nutball.
84) I took the GMAT once to be accepted into business school. I scored very high but none of the colleges I had my score sent to ever contacted me.
85) I own a switchblade that I smuggled out of Germany.
86) I once tried to smoke a cigarette and got a terrible headache. I was in my 20s ... or 30s at the time.
87) I have never taken any illegal drugs. Plenty of legal ones though.
88) I don't drink alcohol. I don't have a problem with people who do. I just have never liked the taste of it.
89) I have a hunch that, if I did drink, I would develop issues with it.
90) I am really running out of things to write.
91) The first house Lisa and I bought was almost within spitting distance of the apartment we moved out of.
92) I hate moving.
93) I used to like to walk the creekbed behind our house when I was in junior high and high school.
94) Panera Bread is one of my favorite restaurants.
95) Probably the most expensive meal I have ever paid for was at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Vegas. It came to about $130 per person as I recall. There were about 20 of us there. It was a nice meal. But not that nice.
96) I graduated both high school and college with the same GPA. 3.93
97) I was third in my class at both graduations, too. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.
98) I have only been in two weddings other than my own. One was when my father-in-law re-married and asked me to be his best man. What an honor!
99) I am an incredible introvert.
100) But I am a terrible ham if you give me a microphone. Don't ever make that mistake.

  posted at 10:17 PM  

At 11:43 AM, Blogger HeyJules said...

You know, usually I read these lists and get bored by no. 34...but not this one. Dang, that was a hoot!

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Draw The Line said...

I have many questions to ask but will just ask a couple important ones.

1. Were you doing your leaf collection when you pooped in the woods?

2. What channel are you on?

3. Panera Bread is your favorite restaurant, so what is your least favorite?

Thanks for all the great stuff.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Todd M said...

Good questions.

1) The woodsy pooping occurred a couple of years after the poison ivy incident.

2) I think it's channel 13 in Piqua. I host "Connecting With The United Way". I am not sure Nielsen us tracking us yet.

3) Dude, seriously, do I look like I dislike any restaurant? Well, if I must answer I would have to say Taco Bell. Just not a fan of the bell. I will eat there if I have to but just not a fan.

Thanks for the comments!


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