Monday, March 03, 2008
It could not have happened with greater precision or accuracy. No, I am not back to talking about the performance of "Blast" that we saw yesterday. Instead I am talking about something that looked like a perfected stunt execution from a movie about some poor sap who doesn't have life blowing him kisses that day.

I had just returned from a trip, picked up my bags at carousel 2, and proceeded to the parking lot. I didn't have to walk far as my car was in short term and I was very pleased that it was not snow covered. And, actually, for a nice change of pace, I found my car pretty easily.

I got my bags put in the car and proceeded to drive through the parking lot toward the little booth where I had to pay my $75 or whatever for their little piece of real estate for a few days.

As I am driving, I get out my wallet and pull out the credit card I want to use. In the midst of this, the card slips from my fingers and goes hurtling through the space of my car, through the steering wheel and ...

with great precision ...

down into my steering column.

From the moment the card left my fingertips, I knew exactly what was going to happen. "Son of a gun," I thought to myself. :-) I grasped and clawed and let out a cry of anguish but there was no stopping that card from its destiny.

I can see it down in there but I cannot reach it. I paid with a different credit card.

And now I have choices.

1) Leave the card where it is and get a new one, wondering what someone will think someday when they discover my credit card inside the steering column of a 2006 Pacific.

2) Try to get an extremely long pair of tweezers and retrieve the card.

3) Take apart the assembly around my steering column.

Option 1 contains a few risks. The card seems to be sitting on an electrical assembly of some sort. What if it melts into it somehow? That couldn't be good.

Not sure yet what I will do. I may look for very long tweezers. Very long. One issue is that the card, on its perilous trail, turned sideways. However, to come back out of its resting place, it must first be turned length-wise. That could be tricky. And it would be a pathway fraught with danger as I do not know how much further down the card could slip -- undoubtedly, well out of the reach of any pair of tweezers at the very least.

The problem with taking apart the steering column is my issue with completing processes. As I have said before, I am sort of a big picture guy who likes to take things so far and then I get bored. I have already been wondering whether it really would be a problem driving around without the housing assembly around my steering column. Would it even be a bit Bohemian of me to go about with it that way? I'd like the idea of that.

But, I am wondering, across the time and space continuum, had I been driving faster or slower, would my credit card not have slipped so neatly and cleanly into a very small slot on top of my steering column?

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